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Lakeland Mental Asylum: Scarier Than Silent Hill

It’s just been Halloween, so I figured I would write about something scary.

I came across this while researching an art project. In the 19th century when state-funded mental asylums places were built, it was thought that if you locked a bunch of insane people up together in a treatment center that they would get better. Of course we know today that it is quite the opposite. Insanity breeds insanity. Most of these places closed down in the 80s.

These asylums had become dumping grounds for crazy people and people that society did not like. For example, if your parents did not like your fiancee, they may have you committed to be rid of you. These perfectly sane people went insane inside the asylums.

Murders and rapes happened in the asylums. These places had their own laws and often covered up crimes like this. Patients really had no recourse. They do not know how many people are buried on the premises.

When the asylums closed, they released people who were thought to be totally insane and incurable. Many of them simply immediately got better. Others were driven so insane by living in the asylums that they missed being institutionalized.

Lakeland Mental Asylum in Kentucky is one of the creepiest asylums. The photos I found are enough to make anyone sick. Bloody beds, ruined rooms…just look at the pictures.

WARNING: Below this line there is blood in the following photos. It looks like a horror film It’s scary like Silent Hill. Do not click if you are easily spooked.

Link. (Warning: link contains blood)

Why is there a lot of semi-fresh blood in an old asylum? Idiot kids decided to go inside. A homeless guy was in there and he stabbed them to death. You can see why it is NOT a good idea to go inside these places, even though it might seem interesting. It is NOT safe.

Here (Warning: link contains blood) is a video of some people’s pictures.


13 responses to “Lakeland Mental Asylum: Scarier Than Silent Hill”

  1. My great great great great great grandmother died at Lakeland Asylum. She was there in the 1880s and she died there in 1901. Does anyone know what happened to the patients’ records after the hospital closed?

  2. my Grandmother died here. Also would like to find records and maybe medical records or charting. Very important, family history may be repeating itself, need some answers!

    • I don’t have any knowledge about the records – I just found this video and posted it. I think your best bet would be to contact the state government. They might be able to help. 🙂

  3. my Great grandmother worked at lakeland as a nurse. it is no longer there and is now tom sawyer state park. the tunnels are still there, but they built central state near the park.

  4. also, the asylum was burned down after the kids got stabbed there. if the records werent cleaned out of ransacked, theyre burned.

  5. I just found out about this. Unfortunately, most of the info on the stabbing was posted by people like yourself. I was unable to find a legit article, which should exist if some people were stabbed in an asylum, right? I’m inclined to believe someone found suspicious stains and just made up a story.

  6. i think the site you posted links for is a different Lakeland. Those stories (stabbing) and photos are from Lakeland Asylum in New Jersey.

  7. Yes, the video is definitely not Lakeland Lunatic Asylum in Kentucky. I’ve been investigating it since 2009 and have tons of evidence, photos, evps, videos, death certificates, experiences, etc. I even wrote 3 chapters about my experiences in my latest book, Haunted Kentucky, Tales of a Conduit. Lakeland (in KY) is extremely haunted. The cave where they stored dead bodies, the graveyard where people were dumped in mass graves, the root cellar, the grounds, haunted. As for records, they are at the current location of the hospital – Central state Mental Hospital, here in Anchorage KY.

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