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Universal Studios Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 18

One of the highlights of our trip to Orlando was the Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios! Never in my LIFE have I been to something more fun. NEVAR.

This year the theme was Bloody Mary. Here is my video of her taunting us at the front gate:

I also have some video that I took of the scare zone, “Asylum in Wonderland”. these scare zones are not meant to be that scary because you have to walk through them over and over again, so they are a bit more scary at night:

I did not get video of the caterpillar on the mushroom. He was very funny. He would taunt you and he sprayed some woman with a water jet and said, “NOW YOU SHALL HAVE MY LARVAE!”

EDIT: Oh wait this guy took a video of him:

See what I mean? Much scarier at night. I was there very early.

The 8 haunted houses here were so scary that it was NUTS. NUTS, MAN, NUTS. The Dead Exposure house with the zombies was so relentless, my freaking eyes started tearing up! Bloody Mary’s Reflections of Fear house was the best I have eve been in. You had to push through the walls to get anywhere! Then you would witness scenes of people being tortured, because she was obsessed with making people scared and killing them.

Then there was the Body Collectors house. Holy SHIT that was off the charts. Limbs getting severed. At one point a ghoul ripped a live person’s spine out in front of me.

It was at that point that I knew I would travel across the entire country to visit Orlando EVERY YEAR. I AM GOING TO THIS EVERY YEAR UNTIL THE DAY I DIE AND I RECOMMEND THAT YOU ALSO GO IT WAS BEST EVAR TIMES A BILLION.

I wish my videos did it justice, but most of the event was far too dark for my little camera.

The live show of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure was also very funny and I consider it something that you cannot CANNOT MISS if you go.

How much did I like this? I’ve already contacted my travel agent to go back in October 2009. I had NO IDEA that I was capable of having this much fun.

I am writing a letter to Universal Studios letting them know how much they kicked ass this year.

Also, here is my video of the Pumpkin forest. I’m going to make some art based off of this:

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  2. […] I have to admit to something: I almost reached what I call “haunt exhaustion” in this haunt. That’s the condition of being hit so many times with scares that you actually start to feel overwhelmed. It doesn’t happen very often with me or Oni, so when it does it means the haunt is doing something right–there was no let up and no dead space happening–it was pure constant threat and that makes the experience very satisfying. (Oni has talked about her similar experience at Halloween Horror Nights in their Dead Exposure house …) […]

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