Harknell is the Site Developer and Webmaster for the webcomics “Stupid and Insane Defenders Against Chaos/My Annoying Life” and Erfworld, as well as the WordPress plugin coder for the items at AWSOM.org. In his (small amount) of spare time he also is the co-con chair for the “Internet Culture” convention Intervention.

What Does Attempting To Disbelieve Mean?

We’ve all seen things that make us think “How can anyone actually do/think/act in such a stupid way?” or “How can this process still be done when it’s obviously ridiculous?”. In the old Advanced Dungeons and Dragons system there was a class of people that could create illusions–their efforts would be as genuine seeming as reality, and be touched or hurt you as much as anything actually real–but were in fact only a figment of the imagination. By “attempting to disbelieve” a character could see through these illusions and make them disappear.

In the same way, I hope to dispel the most ignorant, backward, foolish, or hypocritical elements of this world by looking into their existence and writing my thoughts here for all to read. Please join me in this effort and we will together make the real world shine through the trappings of our own illusions.

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