Fear Of The First Post


A blog, like a blank piece of paper, presents it’s author with the same stark blank space. For many this challenge is easily met head on, for others, it might as well be the equivalent of a group of cackling blood dripping clowns in a haunted house. I have found myself trapped in that house many times.

Motivation and fear go hand in hand. It’s very easy to understand the fear of writing for the public. Will you sound like an idiot? Does what you have to say have relevance? Does anyone even care about your topic?

In many ways the first post, like the first page, is something that you need to overcome to get to the 2nd page and so on into the work. The easiest thing to tell yourself is “it’s never going to be as good as how I see it in my head” and let inertia take over and never get started. Plato and his world of the ideal is a trap that compliments fear well.

So, just like me, your first goal is to decide that waiting is worse than being criticized, fear of never being known is worse than fear of being known for inconsequential work, and understanding that doing something will always lead to doing something better.

So, I’ve started, what is stopping you?

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